Fri. Jan 27th, 2023

About us

Since the Plan was first introduced, over 10,000 people have signed up to be involved in helping us shape South Australia’s future.  

The Plan can only achieve this if it has a strong connection to communities and can evolve to respond to their changing priorities.  This connection is formed and strengthened by an ongoing commitment to community engagement led by the independent Community Engagement Board.

A key part of our engagement is the Friends of the Plan.  This is a 10,000-strong group of everyday South Australians who have signed up to help us shape the Plan.   During the Plan’s update the Friends attended community meetings, participated in online discussions and undertook surveys to let us know their views.  Their voice directly influenced the updated Plan and its structure, style and targets are testament to the community’s input. 

Yet the Friends’ work doesn’t end with the release of the updated Plan.  Their ideas and opinions will be called upon regularly as we consult on how the Plan’s targets are achieved. 

Our online engagement platform YourSAy has been set up to give people an ongoing opportunity to be involved in the Plan through online blogs, Twitter and Facebook discussions. 

Register online to join the Friends and make get the chance to have YourSAy.