““My favourite subject is my free activity… reading and writing stories, writing even longer stories!””

Isadora, Blackwood
Children need love and support to thrive and grow.  Research tells us that positive experiences in the early years lead to better long-term outcomes in health, work and family life.  We learn about the world and how best to deal with life from our families and when we are in the formal care of others.

Families and carers teach young children how to care about each other as individuals and as a community.  For many, family relationships are not limited to households, but also include extended families and close friends - these are the people who shape our sense of purpose and build self-esteem. 

The Plan includes a number of targets to make sure early learning experiences create the best possible start for every South Australian.

Strong, connected families with access to affordable housing, good schools and meaningful work give all of our children and young people a starting place to grow and feel safe in our homes and on our streets. 

These targets have a particular importance for children. Many other targets in the Plan can also deliver positive outcomes for children and all South Australians.

Relevant Targets

It is important to break down reporting data by age wherever possible, so that we can know where tailored strategies and responses might be needed. Read more about how target data can be broken down by age.