“The thing that I love about going to school in Adelaide is the hands on experience that you receiveā€¦ the wonderful friends that you make and the support you receive from teachers.”

Vaishali, Plympton
South Australia is a culturally and linguistically diverse community.  Migrants provide for a richer culture and support economic opportunity and prosperity.

South Australia is a stronger, better skilled and more outwardly focused and resilient community given the contributions of people who have migrated here.

We are a socially cohesive society where everyone can participate and where we balance the rights and obligations of different cultures. Our communities are vibrant and safe places to live, work, play and visit. 

This cultural diversity provides our community with greater capability to compete in a globalised world. 

South Australia is renowned as an educational leader and we welcome the cultural influences brought by international students who come to study in Adelaide.

With 21% of our population born overseas, (10% in English speaking countries and 11% in non-English speaking countries), South Australia’s Strategic Plan maintains and gives expression to our distinctive cultural heritage and continues to support our diverse communities to flourish and grow.

Targets are focused on building our vibrant and diverse society