“We’re very blessed to have such a wonderful state to live in.”

Myra, Marion
Older South Australians are integral members of our community as active participants in the workforce, volunteers, as well as carers parents and grandparents. Older South Australians help guide South Australia’s strategic future.

South Australia’s Strategic Plan endeavors to address the opportunities and challenges facing an ageing population to ensure a healthy, vibrant and accessible community.

The Plan has targets around support for an older workforce, creating accessible urban spaces, creating great experiences, building a more accessible transport system and making communities safer.

South Australia’s Strategic Plan aims to enhance the wellbeing and prosperity of all South Australians.  Many of the targets can be disaggregated by age (see link below) and illustrate the ways in which older South Australians contribute to the social, economic and environment priorities of our state. 

The following targets have specific relevance to older people and reflect a focus in the Plan on ensuring the wellbeing of older South Australians. Many other targets in the Plan can also deliver positive outcomes to older people and all South Australians.

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Relevant Targets

It is important to break down reporting data by age wherever possible, so that we can know where tailored strategies and responses might be needed. Read more about how target data can be broken down by age.