“I think the future of farming is generally shifting towards organic farming. There‚Äôs getting to be a big demand for organic food and products.”

Ben, Keith
Our identity and economic prosperity has been and continues to be, shaped by regional South Australia.

Regional South Australians were particularly generous in the recent Plan update.  They talked about the unique identity of each regional community, their vision for the future and how their community contributes to the wellbeing of South Australia.

It was clear from these consultations that South Australians living in regional areas share many common priorities for the future. Community wellbeing and sustainability are shared goals, as is job creation and building the resilience of  communities.

Regional South Australia continues to help shape our identity and contribute to our economic prosperity. South Australia’s Strategic Plan seeks to ensure that all our regions develop and grow.

The South Australian Government has adopted 12 State Government Regions.

These targets have a particular importance for regions. Many other targets in the Plan can also deliver positive outcomes for regional and all South Australians.

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