“What we really need is to... stop thinking of people simply in terms of males and females but [think about] what they can do.”

Anne Edwards
South Australian women have a history of leading in a way that recognises and celebrates the cultural, social and economic diversity of women’s lives and contributions to our community.

South Australians are committed to challenging remaining barriers and inequities to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to fully participate in our community.

We want women to feel safe, live without poverty, know that their achievements are recognised and their aspirations can be met. The Plan includes targets increasing women’s participation in formal leadership roles and places a strong emphasis on safety and social inclusion. The Plan recognises the continued importance of ensuring gender equity is promoted in all areas of South Australian life.

These targets have a particular importance for women. Many other targets in the Plan can also deliver positive outcomes for women and all South Australians.

Relevant Targets

It is important to break down reporting data by gender wherever possible, so that we know where tailored strategies and responses might be needed. Read more about how target data can be broken down by gender.