“I like sport because it’s very active and you get to play with some of your mates in team sports, so that’s why I generally play team sports.”

Declan, Semaphore
Young South Australians are energetic, dynamic and actively contribute to South Australia.

The Plan acknowledges the positive impact of participation on young people's wellbeing.  As active participants in our community, young people are strong advocates.  South Australia benefits when their voices are included in decision-making within our community.

Our education system is amongst the finest in the world.  The Plan seeks to ensure that South Australians are the best educated in the nation, and develop a zest for lifelong learning.

To thrive in a changing world, South Australians will need to be innovative, well-educated and highly skilled.  We strive for a community that values life long learning, as well as recognising that education is particularly important for young people. Improving literacy and numeracy levels and encouraging more students to study maths and sciences will enable our young people to participate in emerging high technology industries building a secure future for the next generation.

Building strongly connected pathways into employment will deliver opportunities for all young people to access a diverse and a continuous range of jobs to enable South Australia to maintain its competitive edge in the future.

The Plan aims to create an environment that offers young people opportunities to build a future in South Australia. To achieve this, the Plan has targets on affordable housing, social participation and earning and learning.

The Plan has been informed by extensive consultations – which had a particular focus on young people.

These targets have a particular importance for young people. Many other targets in the Plan can also deliver positive outcomes for young people and all South Australians.