Target 48: Ageing workforce participation

Disaggregated by Gender


Explanatory Comments

According to the most recent data for South Australians aged 60 to 69 years, the gender gap in labour force participation has narrowed since January 2010.  In September 2017, 38.2% of older South Australian women were participating in the labour force, compared to 48.1% of older men.


Notes: At the time of the 2016 SASP targets update, the ABS had stopped publishing participation data for 60 to 69 year olds.  To continue reporting on older South Australians who are engaged in the workforce, DSD used the ABS participation data for people aged 60 years and over.  As there was a broader scope of 60+ the baseline was adjusted to this age range (20.8% in 2010).

 Since the 2016 SASP target update, the data for the 60-69 year olds has once again become publicly available, allowing for the continued monitoring of progress against this target (39.9% in 2010).

Lead Agency

Department of State Development