Target 50: People with disability

Disaggregated by Gender


Explanatory Comments

The Census and Statistics Act,1905 provides the authority for the ABS to collect statistical information, and requires that statistical output shall not be published or disseminated in a manner that is likely to enable the identification of a particular person or organisation. 

Care is taken in the specification of tables to minimise the risk of identifying individuals. In addition, a technique has been developed to randomly adjust cell values. Random adjustment of the data is considered to be the most satisfactory technique for avoiding the release of identifiable data. These introduced random errors will in general result in tables not being 'Internally consistent' (i.e. interior cells not adding up to the totals). However, the information value of the table as a whole is not impaired. 

Similar to 2012, perturbation has been applied to 2015 data. SDAC data from surveys before 2012 presented in this publication have not been perturbed, but have been confidentialised if required using suppression of cells.

Lead Agency

Department of State Development