Target 2: Cycling

Disaggregated by Age


Explanatory Comments

In 2017, children had the highest levels of cycling participation, while persons aged 40 years and over had the lowest. About 50% of children aged less than 10 years rode each week, compared to 20% of 10–17 year olds, 10% of 18–39 year olds and 4% of those aged 40 and over.

From 2011 to 2017 cycling participation has reduced for all age groups. Cycling peaked in 2011 for children and those aged 18-39.

Children aged 10-17 decreased their cycling by nearly half, 37% in 2015 down to 20% in 2017. Adults aged 40 and over have also significantly reduced their cycling participation to their lowest, 4% in 2017, down from their peak of 9.8% in 2013. 

Lead Agency

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

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