South Australians are the best teachers and learners.

Every member of the community can equally participate in learning opportunities.

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Primary Targets

91. Non-school qualifications

By 2014, equal or better the national average for the proportion of the labour force with non-school qualifications and maintain thereafter

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Related Targets

5. Multiculturalism

Maintain the high rate of South Australians who believe cultural diversity is a positive influence in the community

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16. Economic disadvantage

By 2020, increase by 2 percentage points the share of total household income earned by low income South Australians

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19. Repeat offending

South Australia has the lowest Australian rate of repeat offenders over the period to 2020

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28. Aboriginal leadership

Number of Aboriginal South Australians participating in community leadership and in community leadership development programs

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50. People with disability

Increase by 10% the number of people with a disability employed in South Australia by 2020

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54. Learning or earning

Increase the proportion of 15-24 year olds engaged full-time in school, post-school education, training or employment (or combination thereof) to 85% by 2020

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