Strong families help build communities.

Families are the centre of learning life skills; together we grow.

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Primary Targets

12. Early childhood

Increase the proportion of children developing well

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Related Targets

6. Aboriginal wellbeing

Improve the overall wellbeing of Aboriginal South Australians

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14. Early childhood – Year 1 literacy

By 2014 achieve a 10% improvement in the number of children reading at an age appropriate level by the end of Year 1 and maintain thereafter

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15. Aboriginal education – early years

Increase yearly the proportion of Aboriginal children reading at age appropriate levels at the end of Year 1

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26. Early childhood – birth weight

Reduce the proportion of low birth weight babies and halve the proportion of Aboriginal low birth weight babies by 2020

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82. Healthy weight

Increase by five percentage points the proportion of South Australian adults and children at a healthy body weight by 2017

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