We value and protect our water resources.

Industry and agriculture are highly efficient and innovative in their use of water.

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Primary Targets

75. Sustainable water use

South Australia’s water resources are managed within sustainable limits by 2018

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Related Targets

40. Food industry

Grow the contribution made by the South Australian food industry to $20 billion by 2020

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46. Regional population levels

Increase regional populations, outside of Greater Adelaide, by 20,000 to 320,000 or more by 2020

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62. Climate change adaptation

Develop regional climate change adaptation plans in all State Government regions by 2016

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70. Sustainable land management

By 2020, achieve a 25% increase in the protection of agricultural cropping land from soil erosion and a 25% improvement in the condition of pastoral land

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73. Recycled stormwater

South Australia has the system capacity to harvest up to 35 GL of stormwater per annum by 2025

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74. Recycled wastewater

South Australia has the system capacity to recycle up to 50 GL of wastewater per annum by 2025

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76. River Murray – flows

Increase environmental flows in the River Murray by a minimum of 1 500 GL by 2018(This target will be reviewed post the release of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan)

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77. River Murray – salinity

South Australia maintains a positive balance on the Murray-Darling Basin Authority salinity register

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