We are connected to our communities and give everyone a fair go.

People in our community support and care for each other, especially in times of need.

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Primary Targets

23. Social participation

Increase the proportion of South Australians participating in social, community and economic activities by 2020

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Related Targets

10. Homelessness

Halve the number of ‘rough sleepers’ in South Australia by 2013 and maintain thereafter

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18. Violence against women

A significant and sustained reduction in violence against women through to 2022

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21. Greater safety at work

Achieve a 40% reduction in injury by 2012 and a further 50% reduction by 2022

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24. Volunteering

Maintain a high level of formal and informal volunteering in South Australia at 70% participation rate or higher

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48. Ageing workforce participation

Increase the proportion of older South Australians who are engaged in the workforce by 10 percentage points by 2020

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50. People with disability

Increase by 10% the number of people with a disability employed in South Australia by 2020

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