We have a skilled and sustainable workforce.

South Australia has a sustainable population.

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Primary Targets

45. Total population

Increase South Australia’s population to 2 million by 2027

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46. Regional population levels

Increase regional populations, outside of Greater Adelaide, by 20,000 to 320,000 or more by 2020

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Related Targets

26. Early childhood – birth weight

Reduce the proportion of low birth weight babies and halve the proportion of Aboriginal low birth weight babies by 2020

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35. Economic growth

Exceed the national economic growth rate over the period to 2020

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43. Defence industry

Increase defence and defence industry annual contribution to our economy to $2.5 billion and employment to 37 000 people by 2020 (Milestone of $2 billion and 28 000 people by 2013)

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47. Jobs

Increase employment by 2% each year from 2010 to 2016

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48. Ageing workforce participation

Increase the proportion of older South Australians who are engaged in the workforce by 10 percentage points by 2020

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68. Urban development

By 2036, 70% of all new housing in metropolitan Adelaide will be being built in established areas

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75. Sustainable water use

South Australia’s water resources are managed within sustainable limits by 2018

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