South Australians think globally, act locally and are international leaders in addressing climate change.

South Australia has reliable and sustainable energy sources, where renewable energy powers our homes, transport and workplaces.

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Primary Targets

64. Renewable energy

Support the development of renewable energy so that it comprises 33% of the state's electricity production by 2020(Milestone of 20% by 2014)

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65. GreenPower

Purchase renewable energy for 50% of the Government's own electricity needs by 2014

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66. Emissions intensity

Limit the carbon intensity of total South Australian electricity generation to 0.5 tonnes of CO2/MWh by 2020

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Related Targets

60. Energy efficiency – dwellings

Improve the energy efficiency of dwellings by 15% by 2020(Milestone of 10% by 2014)

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61. Energy efficiency – government buildings

Improve the energy efficiency of government buildings by 30% by 2020(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

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67. Zero waste

Reduce waste to landfill by 35% by 2020(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

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94. Venture capital

Achieve a cumulative total of 100 private equity investments into South Australian companies between 2011 and 2020

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95. Industry collaboration, research and development commercialisation

Increase to $650m total gross cumulative value of industry and other funding for research earned by universities and state-based publicly funded research institutions by 2020

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