South Australians are creative; we innovate to overcome environmental, economic, and social challenges.

We are innovative in designs and technologies and we use our intellectual property to advance our state.

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Primary Targets

96. Public research expenditure

Public expenditure on research and development, as a proportion of Gross State Product, to be maintained at 1.2% to 2020

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97. University research income

Increase the total gross value of university research income to 20% above South Australia's per capita share by 2014 and maintain thereafter

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98. Business research expenditure

Increase business expenditure on research and development to 1.5% of GSP by 2014, and increase to 2.0% by 2020

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Related Targets

34. Credit rating

Maintain AAA credit rating

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38. Business investment

Exceed Australia’s ratio of business investment as a percentage of the economy by 2014 and maintain thereafter

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43. Defence industry

Increase defence and defence industry annual contribution to our economy to $2.5 billion and employment to 37 000 people by 2020 (Milestone of $2 billion and 28 000 people by 2013)

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64. Renewable energy

Support the development of renewable energy so that it comprises 33% of the state's electricity production by 2020(Milestone of 20% by 2014)

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66. Emissions intensity

Limit the carbon intensity of total South Australian electricity generation to 0.5 tonnes of CO2/MWh by 2020

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84. Health service standard

By 2015, 90% of patients presenting to a public hospital emergency department will be seen, treated, and either discharged or admitted to hospital within four hours

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88. Science and maths

By 2020, increase by 15% the number of students receiving an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank or equivalent in at least one of the following subjects: mathematics, physics or chemistry

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92. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics qualifications

Increase the number of domestic students completing undergraduate qualifications in specified science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields of education by 15 percentage points to 3,600 students per annum by 2020

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94. Venture capital

Achieve a cumulative total of 100 private equity investments into South Australian companies between 2011 and 2020

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95. Industry collaboration, research and development commercialisation

Increase to $650m total gross cumulative value of industry and other funding for research earned by universities and state-based publicly funded research institutions by 2020

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