Our communities are vibrant places to live, work, play and visit.

We are proud of South Australia and celebrate our diverse culture and people.

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Primary Targets

5. Multiculturalism

Maintain the high rate of South Australians who believe cultural diversity is a positive influence in the community

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Related Targets

4. Tourism Industry

Increase visitor expenditure in South Australia’s total tourism industry to $8 billion and on Kangaroo Island to $180 million by 2020Milestone of $6.3 billion (total industry) by 2014

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27. Understanding of Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal cultural studies is included in school curriculum by 2016 with involvement of Aboriginal people in design and delivery

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90. Share of overseas students

Increase the number of overseas students across all education and training sectors from 13,737 in 2003 to 45,000 by 2014

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99. Cultural engagement – institutions

Increase the number of attendances at South Australia's cultural institutions by 20% by 2014 and maintain or improve thereafter

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