South Australians are the best teachers and learners.

We are the best educated in the nation.

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Primary Targets

87. Reading, writing and numeracy

By 2020, for reading, writing and numeracy, increase by five percentage points the proportion of South Australian students who achieve:- above the National Minimum Standard- higher proficiency bands

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88. Science and maths

By 2020, increase by 15% the number of students receiving an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank or equivalent in at least one of the following subjects: mathematics, physics or chemistry

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89. SACE or equivalent

Increase yearly the proportion of 15 -19 year olds who achieve the SACE or comparable senior secondary qualification

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Related Targets

12. Early childhood

Increase the proportion of children developing well

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14. Early childhood – Year 1 literacy

By 2014 achieve a 10% improvement in the number of children reading at an age appropriate level by the end of Year 1 and maintain thereafter

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15. Aboriginal education – early years

Increase yearly the proportion of Aboriginal children reading at age appropriate levels at the end of Year 1

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30. Boards and committees

Increase the number of women on all State Government boards and committees to 50% on average by 2014, and maintain thereafter by ensuring that 50% of women are appointed, on average, each quarter

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31. Chairs of boards and committees

Increase the number of women chairing State Government boards and committees to 50% by 2014

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47. Jobs

Increase employment by 2% each year from 2010 to 2016

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54. Learning or earning

Increase the proportion of 15-24 year olds engaged full-time in school, post-school education, training or employment (or combination thereof) to 85% by 2020

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