We are active in looking after our health.

We educate young people about healthy living.

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Primary Targets

82. Healthy weight

Increase by five percentage points the proportion of South Australian adults and children at a healthy body weight by 2017

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Related Targets

6. Aboriginal wellbeing

Improve the overall wellbeing of Aboriginal South Australians

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78. Healthy South Australians

Increase the life expectancy of South Australians

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79. Aboriginal life expectancy

Increase the average life expectancy of Aboriginal South Australians

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80. Smoking

Reduce the smoking rate to 10% of the population and halve the smoking rate of Aboriginal South Australians by 2018

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81. Alcohol consumption

Reduce the proportion of South Australians who drink at risky levels by 30% by 2020

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85. Chronic diseases

Increase, by five percentage points, the proportion of people living with a chronic disease whose self-assessed health status is good or better

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