South Australia plans and delivers the right infrastructure.

We overcome distance by using digital technology.

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Primary Targets

57. Broadband access

The proportion of South Australian premises with access to broadband services delivered by fibre technology meets the national average by 2020

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58. Online business

Increase the proportion of businesses that receive orders online from 24% to 40% by 2014 and continue growth each year to 2020

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Related Targets

14. Early childhood – Year 1 literacy

By 2014 achieve a 10% improvement in the number of children reading at an age appropriate level by the end of Year 1 and maintain thereafter

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15. Aboriginal education – early years

Increase yearly the proportion of Aboriginal children reading at age appropriate levels at the end of Year 1

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32. Customer and client satisfaction with government services

Increase the satisfaction of South Australians with government services by 10% by 2014, maintaining or exceeding that level of satisfaction thereafter

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37. Total exports

Increase the value of South Australia's export income to $25 billion by 2020

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39. Competitive business climate

Maintain Adelaide’s rating as the least costly place to set up and do business in Australia and continue to improve our position internationally

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46. Regional population levels

Increase regional populations, outside of Greater Adelaide, by 20,000 to 320,000 or more by 2020

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89. SACE or equivalent

Increase yearly the proportion of 15 -19 year olds who achieve the SACE or comparable senior secondary qualification

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97. University research income

Increase the total gross value of university research income to 20% above South Australia's per capita share by 2014 and maintain thereafter

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