South Australians think globally, act locally and are international leaders in addressing climate change.

We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

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Primary Targets

59. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

Achieve the Kyoto target by limiting the state's greenhouse gas emissions to 108% of 1990 levels during 2008-2012, as a first step towards reducing emissions by 60% (to 40% of 1990 levels) by 2050

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60. Energy efficiency – dwellings

Improve the energy efficiency of dwellings by 15% by 2020(Milestone of 10% by 2014)

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61. Energy efficiency – government buildings

Improve the energy efficiency of government buildings by 30% by 2020(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

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Related Targets

2. Cycling

Double the number of people cycling in South Australia by 2020

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33. Government planning decisions

South Australia leads the nation in timely decisions of development applications through to 2020

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64. Renewable energy

Support the development of renewable energy so that it comprises 33% of the state's electricity production by 2020(Milestone of 20% by 2014)

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65. GreenPower

Purchase renewable energy for 50% of the Government's own electricity needs by 2014

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66. Emissions intensity

Limit the carbon intensity of total South Australian electricity generation to 0.5 tonnes of CO2/MWh by 2020

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67. Zero waste

Reduce waste to landfill by 35% by 2020(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

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96. Public research expenditure

Public expenditure on research and development, as a proportion of Gross State Product, to be maintained at 1.2% to 2020

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