We look after our natural environment.

We respect and enjoy our environment.

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Primary Targets

72. Nature conservation

Increase participation in nature conservation activities by 25% by 2015

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Related Targets

20. Bushfire preparedness

Increase the number of households in high bushfire prone areas that are prepared for a bushfire by 30% by 2020

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44. Aboriginal lands – native title

Resolve 80% of native title claims by 2020

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67. Zero waste

Reduce waste to landfill by 35% by 2020(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

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69. Lose no species

Lose no native species as a result of human impacts

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70. Sustainable land management

By 2020, achieve a 25% increase in the protection of agricultural cropping land from soil erosion and a 25% improvement in the condition of pastoral land

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71. Marine biodiversity

Maintain the health and diversity of South Australia’s unique marine environments

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76. River Murray – flows

Increase environmental flows in the River Murray by a minimum of 1 500 GL by 2018(This target will be reviewed post the release of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan)

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77. River Murray – salinity

South Australia maintains a positive balance on the Murray-Darling Basin Authority salinity register

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