We are connected to our communities and give everyone a fair go.

We value Australian culture and respect diversity.

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Primary Targets

27. Understanding of Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal cultural studies is included in school curriculum by 2016 with involvement of Aboriginal people in design and delivery

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Related Targets

5. Multiculturalism

Maintain the high rate of South Australians who believe cultural diversity is a positive influence in the community

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6. Aboriginal wellbeing

Improve the overall wellbeing of Aboriginal South Australians

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28. Aboriginal leadership

Number of Aboriginal South Australians participating in community leadership and in community leadership development programs

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44. Aboriginal lands – native title

Resolve 80% of native title claims by 2020

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51. Aboriginal unemployment

Halve the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal unemployment rates by 2018

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53. Aboriginal employees

Increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the South Australian public sector, spread across all classifications and agencies, to 2% by 2014 and maintain or better those levels through to 2020

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87. Reading, writing and numeracy

By 2020, for reading, writing and numeracy, increase by five percentage points the proportion of South Australian students who achieve:- above the National Minimum Standard- higher proficiency bands

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