We look after our natural environment.

We want Adelaide to grow up more than out.

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Primary Targets

68. Urban development

By 2036, 70% of all new housing in metropolitan Adelaide will be being built in established areas

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Related Targets

1. Urban spaces

Increase the use of public spaces by the community

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7. Affordable housing

South Australia leads the nation over the period to 2020 in the proportion of homes sold or built that are affordable by low and moderate income households

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40. Food industry

Grow the contribution made by the South Australian food industry to $20 billion by 2020

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56. Strategic infrastructure

Ensure that the provision of key economic and social infrastructure accommodates population growth

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60. Energy efficiency – dwellings

Improve the energy efficiency of dwellings by 15% by 2020(Milestone of 10% by 2014)

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