Action to deliver

08 Sep 2011

We know people are keen to find out what others are doing towards achieving Plan targets – the Community Engagement Board was regularly asked for examples of actions.   In response, the Board has released Our Plan Our Action. This is a compilation of stories showcasing some great approaches to achieving the Plan’s targets.

These are the stories of many of our great Alliance program members [insert link].  Alliance members are businesses and community groups that support the Plan and have identified targets they wish to contribute to.

The Board hopes their stories will provide inspiration to others to find new ways to work towards achieving our shared aspirations.

Download Our Plan, Our Action, Showcasing Success (pdf 1.3 MB ). 

Find out about the Alliance Program.

The Plan is a commitment to set a clear direction for South Australia, with measurable targets in place to make sure we’re tracking towards our goals. It is for all South Australians, not just for government.  The Plan provides inspiration for communities, individuals, businesses and governments to work together to shape the state we want.