South Australia’s Strategic Plan update released

08 Sep 2011

The 2011 update of South Australia’s Strategic Plan has been released!  A year in the making, the updated Plan reflects the input of thousands of South Australians and responds to what the community viewed as most important for our future. This input has formed visions and goals right throughout the Plan. 

South Australia’s Strategic Plan gives us the opportunity to shape the future of our state, by choice, not chance. 
There is a new look website with an interactive community engagement section and community stories about how people are working together to achieve targets in the Plan.

How we’ve reshaped the Plan 

Last year, the Community Engagement Board [link to website] embarked upon the biggest community engagement process held in South Australia involving people in all regions of the state.  The Board asked South Australians what their vision was for their families, their communities and our state in 2020 and beyond.  
The voices of over 9,200 people across South Australia have helped create this Plan for our future. The updated Plan now has 100 targets which align with visions and goals drawn directly from community input.  For example:
Our communities are vibrant places to live, work, play and visit 
New developments are people friendly, with open spaces and parks connected by public transport and bikeways
Cycling – Double the number of people cycling in South Australia by 2020.
The vast majority of the targets from the 2004 and 2007 versions of the Plan remain priority areas for our state and have carried through into this update.  Many of these have been extended to provide us with ambitious objectives through to 2020 and beyond.
We’ve also listened to what the community told us about what has changed and have inserted 21 new targets which reflect the community’s changing priorities. These targets are exciting additions to the Plan, setting down fresh challenges for us all to strive towards.
Each has been developed as a result of thorough consultation, with their inclusion a response to priorities of the community, business and governments.
Targets such as increasing the number of South Australians cycling, improving our use of outdoor urban spaces, increasing the proportion of businesses who receive orders online and upping the number of people involved in nature conservation activities are just a few of the new targets which have responded directly to the changing priorities of South Australians.
Want to know more? Details about the new targets and which targets have changed can be found on the website.