Welcoming international students to SA


Goal: South Australia is renowned as an educational leader.

Primary Target: Share of overseas students

Heading overseas to study is likely to mean that you’re looking for a lot more than the four walls of a university library to inspire you.

International students coming to Adelaide want something more. They want an experience to remember, one which will broaden their horizons, stretch them socially, and leave them with a Facebook page packed with photos of their Australian adventures.

StudyAdelaide, South Australia’s international education marketing agency, runs a successful student engagement and community support program that adds to what is provided by the educational institutions. It ensures that international students benefit from a world-class education experience that goes well beyond the classroom.

The program includes a year-long calendar of free and discounted social events, competitions and information sessions that immerse students in South Australian life.

In 2010 StudyAdelaide planned, managed and promoted 35 events attended by more than 5,300 students. Events are delivered in partnership with government agencies, sport clubs and advocacy groups, and provide students with the skills and know-how to embrace life in Adelaide, meet locals and have a good time!

The program’s success has created an army of brand ambassadors who blog, tweet and share images promoting Adelaide as one of the world’s great learning cities and an educational leader.

Our Partners

W1siziisijiwmtevmdkvmdcvmdzfntdfmtbfnzuwx3dlbgnvbwluz19pbnrlcm5hdglvbmfsx3n0dwrlbnrzx2xvz28uanbnil1d Study Adelaide is charged with developing and expanding South Australia’s share of the national education export market. It promotes Adelaide as a centre of education excellence and highlights the many advantages for international students who choose to live, study and work in Adelaide. The organisation’s stakeholders include South Australian Government agencies and education providers. View website

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