Attaining Sustainability

In 2004, the Plan set a target for South Australia to lead Australia in wind and solar power generation within 10 years and to increase the use of renewable energy to comprise 15% of total consumption. By 2009, South Australia had 56% of the nation’s wind power, 30% of the solar photovoltaic capacity feeding into the national grid and consumption of renewable energy reached 16.4%.

In 2007, the target was increased to aim for 20% of the state’s production from renewables by 2014. The 2010 Plan Progress Report stated that whilst the target had been considered ambitious, it was now likely to be reached well ahead of schedule.

Waste to landfill has reduced every year since the target was first set and is on track for a 25% reduction by 2014. This target has driven waste reduction strategies that lead the nation, such as South Australia’s container deposit increasing from 5 cents to 10 cents and the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags. There have also been improvements in reducing soil erosion and protecting our land and marine biodiversity.