Fostering Creativity and Innovation

South Australia has a proud heritage in arts and creativity. Since 1960, we have held one of the world’s premier arts festivals and the South Australian Film Corporation was the first state film corporation established in Australia. The Plan’s targets have founded strategies which have led to an enormous increase in attendance at arts activities, with an audience of 7.5 million people in the two years to June 2009, a rise of 89% from 2004. In addition, there has been a constant increase in the rate of production of feature films in our state.

Public expenditure on science, research and innovation in South Australia has risen substantially and we have achieved our target to ‘exceed average investment compared to other states’. Positive movement towards the target of increasing business expenditure on research and development has also been recorded, with an upward trend from 0.68% of GSP in 2000-01 to 1.18% in 2008-09.