Expanding Opportunity

Increasing the number of South Australians with secondary education and providing additional opportunities for workforce development and training have also been features of the Plan. The proportion of 19 year olds who achieve SACE or comparable secondary school qualifications increased from 62.6% in 2005 to 67.1% in 2009. The number of South Australian people in the labour force with non-school qualifications is gradually approaching the national level, with the gap narrowing from 4.2 percentage points in 2000 to 2.2 percentage points in 2009.

The Plan set targets aimed at improving housing affordability, reducing overcrowding in Aboriginal households and increasing the number of people with disabilities in community accommodation. These goals continue to be complex and challenging. Whilst community accommodation for people with disabilities is on track, housing affordability continues to decline across the community.

Despite this, the Plan has driven innovative affordable housing approaches which are seen as models across the country.