Aboriginal acknowledgement

This Plan acknowledges:

This Plan acknowledges the Aboriginal peoples who are descended from, and identify with, diverse cultures, customs, languages, families and songs.  Aboriginal peoples have a unique and holistic relationship to South Australia’s environment, air, land and waters.  Their sense of place and belonging is linked to creation stories, travel, trade, ceremonies, family and places held sacred.  We recognise the deep and ongoing feelings of relationship and attachment to country of the sea peoples, the plains peoples, the peoples of the desert, the peoples of the Murray waters, of the ranges and of the coasts.  

This Plan acknowledges the enduring importance to Aboriginal peoples of Aboriginal values and culture, authority and customary laws.  It recognises the pillars of Aboriginal society; beliefs system, spirituality, land and family, that connect Aboriginal people and are themselves interconnected.  Interconnectedness underpins Aboriginal ways of thinking, being, relating and seeing. Aboriginal cultural and kinship connections are essential to Aboriginal wellbeing. 

 This Plan values the historical and ongoing contribution of Aboriginal peoples to South Australia in areas as diverse as land use, environmental management, economic development, community services, education, community leadership, the arts, sport and politics.  This contribution was made even as past injustices and exploitation caused grief, suffering and loss to Aboriginal people.  Many Aboriginal South Australians still experience discrimination and disadvantage and do not share in the full benefits of our society. 

This Plan recognises the importance of Aboriginal people’s relationships with each other and with the broader South Australian community.  It acknowledges the importance of South Australia being an inclusive, vibrantcommunity.  It responds to the overwhelming message from South Australians of all backgrounds, that we share a desire to be connected to our communities, to feel as if we have something to aspire to and be valued and respected.  This Planembodies a commitment that all South Australians can ensure this aspiration becomes reality, for all of us.

Aboriginal wellbeing is now deeply embedded in the Plan with over ten per cent of targets being Aboriginal specific.  These targets are integrated throughout the themes of the Plan, but can also be found here.