Our Alliance Program

Alliance members contribute towards achieving Plan targets.  They link their strategic plan and actions to a target or targets within the Plan. In most cases, alliance partners invest resources in direct pursuit of targets.

Alliance members are likely to be non-government or private sector organisations and will sign-up to the Plan. Members could be businesses, not for profit private or government funded organisations or individuals.

Read about some of the strategies and programs some of our Alliance members in the Our Plan, Our Action: Showcasing Success report (pdf 1.3 MB), which contribute to the effort of meeting the Plan’s targets.

To link to the Plan, alliance members need to recognise the Plan clearly in their own strategic planning activities. They then sign-up through the Community Engagement Board to have their link accredited and acknowledged. If you are interested in joining the Alliance program send us an email at saplan@saugov.sa.gov.au

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