Showcasing Success

When members of the Community Engagement Board were out and about meeting South Australians, people asked how the Plan was translating into real action on the ground.

Our Plan, Our Action showcases the work of our Alliance members and state government agencies in pursuit of the Plan’s objectives. It recognises work which delivers on the specific targets in the Plan. It also supports the Plan’s broader objective of building partnerships to achieve common goals.

The Board sought initaitives to showcase from state government agencies and Alliance members. The initiatives were assessed against four key criteria:

  • extent of support for delivering on the Plan (and its targets)
  • partnerships and collaboration
  • engagement and consultation
  • a point of difference – innovative edge

In the Board’s view, these initiatives are exceptional examples of action and innovation that help to deliver on the Plan’s goals using partnerships between government, non-government, business and community.

Many of the initiatives were developed specifically to deliver on the Plan’s targets. Others, such as the Adelaide Fringe, have evolved and now respond to a target.  There are some, such as Time Out for Kids, which have been around for many years, but are as important today as they were when they were first started for achieving outcomes important for the state.

We hope this report serves to inform you about the valuable work already occurring to deliver on the Plan and that it encourages you to think about what you can do to contribute towards achieving the state’s collective aims and aspirations.

You can explore all of the stories on the Showcased Actions page or down load the full report  Our Plan, Our Action: Showcasing Success (pdf 1.3 MB).

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