The Plan Driving Success

Since 2004, the Plan has driven our state’s growing prosperity, assisted us to work towards attaining sustainability, and fostered our creativity and innovation; all the while the Plan has worked to share these successes with all South Australians through improved wellbeing, expanded opportunities and stronger communities.

Growing Prosperity

Achieving financial security is a common goal shared by governments, businesses, communities, families and individuals.  READ MORE

Improving Wellbeing

From the very beginning, the Plan has featured a clear focus on the safety of South Australians in all aspects of their lives.   READ MORE

Attaining Sustainability

In 2004, the Plan set a target for South Australia to lead Australia in wind and solar power generation within 10 years and to increase the use of renewable energy to comprise 15% of total consumption.  READ MORE 

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

South Australiahas a proud heritage in arts and creativity.  Since 1960, we have held one of the world’s premier arts festivals READ MORE 

Building Communities

As a direct result of the Plan’s targets, the proportion of women on state government boards and committees has increased from 34% in April 2004 to 46% in June 2011. READ MORE 

Expanding Opportunity

Increasing the number of South Australians with secondary education and providing additional opportunities for workforce development and training have also been features of the Plan. READ MORE