The Plan's Structure

The Plan’s structure is based on the feedback received from South Australians who have shared their visions for the future of their communities, families and state by 2020. Targets which deliver on these visions, both existing and new, make up the 100 targets of the 2011 version of South Australia’s Strategic Plan.


The three foundations of a sustainable society, Our Community, Our Prosperity and Our Environment are organising priorities for South Australia’s Strategic Plan.  The Plan also recognises that to nourish a sustainable society the priorities of Our Health, Our Education and Our Ideas are essential too.

Visions and Goals

Each priority is organised into visions and goals that are based on community feedback.  The visions convey the aspirations for our desired future within each of the six priority areas. Goals are the components that make up the larger visions.


Targets in the Plan are specific and measurable.  They align our top priority visions and goals to specific objectives against which we can measure our success and adjust our strategies accordingly.

Please use the following links for pdf copies of South Australia's Strategic Plan (4 MB) and the Summary of Targets (2 MB).