South Australia's Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan's visions and goals.

Each target is reported on through this section of the website. Data has been updated as at December 2017.


16. Economic disadvantage:

By 2020, increase by 2 percentage points the share of total household income earned by low income South Australians

Key Measure


Explanatory Comments

Data for Target 16 is compiled from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Household Income and Wealth publication, which is based on data from the ABS Survey of Income and Housing. The Survey of Income and Housing is conducted every two years.

The income share of the low income group in South Australia in 2015-16 was 7.9%, compared to 7.2% recorded in the baseline year of 2007-08.

Low income households refer to the 18% of households in the lowest equivalised disposable household income quintile, adjusted to exclude the first and second percentiles.


Lead Agency

Department for Communities and Social Inclusion