South Australia’s Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan’s visions and goals.

Each target is reported on through this section of the website. Data is analysed and uploaded as it becomes available.


18. Violence against women:

A significant and sustained reduction in violence against women through to 2022

Key Measure


Explanatory Comments

The next ABS Personal Safety Survey will be released in 2018 when the latest data information to update this target will be available.

The key measure for Target 18 is the number of females who experienced violence, which is defined as the occurrence, attempt or threat of either physical or sexual violence. The data source is the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Personal Safety Survey, with the latest published data from 2012.

It is estimated that the number of females who experienced violence ‘during the last 12 months’ in South Australia in 2012 was 35,300. This compares to 36,000 in the baseline year of 2005.

The number of South Australian women experiencing sexual violence ‘during the last 12 months’ in 2012 was 7,900 compared to 9,700 in 2005.  The number experiencing physical violence ‘during the last 12 months’ in 2012 was 29,000, compared to 30,500 in 2005.

Where a woman has experienced both physical and sexual violence, they are counted separately for each type of violence the woman experienced, but are counted only once in the aggregated totals.

Lead Agency

Office for Women