South Australia’s Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan’s visions and goals.

Each target is reported on through this section of the website. Data is analysed and uploaded as it becomes available.


33. Government planning decisions:

South Australia leads the nation in timely decisions of development applications through to 2020

Key Measure

Note: Data for Tasmania are unavailable.

Explanatory Comments

Since the publication of the 2012 Progress Report updated data for this target’s key measure is not available, as at 15 April 2015. Updated data will be published when it is available.  The data above and the comments below are from the 2012 Progress Report.      

In 2009–10 (the baseline year), 85% of development assessments were made within the statutory timeframe in South Australia. This was the highest proportion recorded in any Australian jurisdiction, ahead of the Northern Territory (79%) and the ACT (78%). Western Australia recorded the lowest proportion (65%).

While South Australia led the nation in timely decisions on development applications in 2009–10, no further data is available to assess progress beyond the baseline year at this time.

Each state and territory in Australia administers its own Development Assessment system. This can involve either the consideration of a building or planning application, or a combination of both.

This measure relates to the percentage of development applications decided in the statutory time period. There are differing statutory times across jurisdictions and, in some instances, across different types of development.

To respond to this target comparative development assessment performance data for each Australian State is needed. This information was last collected in 2009-10 for the COAG national report on Development Assessment Performance and has not been produced since that time.

Lead Agency

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure