South Australia's Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan's visions and goals.

Each target is reported on through this section of the website. Data has been updated as at December 2017.


50. People with disability:

Increase by 10% the number of people with a disability employed in South Australia by 2020

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In 2009, there were 89,700 people with disability aged 15 to 64 years employed in the public and private sectors.  The latest data from 2015 has seen this number decrease to 86,200 people.  

It is expected the National Disability Insurance Scheme will make a contribution to increasing the workforce participation of people with disability.

The ABS Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers defines disability “as any limitation, restriction or impairment which restricts everyday activities and has lasted or is likely to last for at least six months.”


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