South Australia’s Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan’s visions and goals.

Each target is reported on through this section of the website. Data is analysed and uploaded as it becomes available.


61. Energy efficiency – government buildings:

Improve the energy efficiency of government buildings by 30% by 2020

(Milestone of 25% by 2014)

Key Measure


Explanatory Comments

In 2013-14, the energy efficiency of South Australian Government buildings improved by 23.8% compared to the 2000-01 baseline. 

An improvement in energy efficiency is defined as a reduction in the amount of energy in Giga-Joules (GJ) per business measure.  The vast majority of energy use is reported as GJ per square metre of gross floor area.  Around three per cent is reported using the number of buildings as a business measure.  To assess whether government as a whole has achieved the target, the improvement from the baseline year is calculated for each business measure and multiplied by its relative contribution to the whole of government’s energy use.

The improvement to date has been estimated as averaging 1.60% per annum from the baseline. Actual energy efficiency data is not available prior to 2006-07 as, although energy consumption data is available for this period, business measure data (building floor area or other business measures) was not routinely collected.  Business measure data has been estimated for the 2000-01 baseline year in order to calculate energy efficiency for that year and track progress over time.  The actual improvement in energy efficiency since 2006-07 has averaged 2.28% per year.

Several projects within the Department of Health and Ageing, and the education sector (the two largest users of energy), are scheduled for completion in the next few years - such as the development of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital site.   These projects will contribute to energy efficiency and assist attainment of the 2020 target.

The 2013-2020 Government Buildings Energy Strategy (GBE Strategy) was produced to guide action and investment to improve energy management in government buildings and achieve SASP T61. 

Represented by all departments, the Government Buildings Energy Group is charged with managing actions of the GBE Strategy.

For the purpose of this target, a “Government building” is defined as a building in which public sector employees work, or where government administered services and activities are either partly or completely carried out (in the general Government sector).  This does not include infrastructure such as water pumps or air monitoring stations.

Lead Agency

Department of State Development