South Australia’s Strategic Plan is comprised of 100 targets. These targets are specific and measurable and enable us to measure our progress towards achieving the Plan’s visions and goals.

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81. Alcohol consumption:

Reduce the proportion of South Australians who drink at risky levels by 30% by 2020

Key Measure


Explanatory Comments

Risky drinking is defined as the consumption of more than four standard drinks on a single occasion as it puts people at increased risk of injury*.

In 2015, 26.3% of South Australians aged 15 years and over drank at risky levels that put them at risk of injury on a single occasion at least month. A slight improvement compared to 2013 data indicating 28.5% of South Australians who drank at risky levels

These results indicate that risky drinking rates are not trending towards the 2020 goal of 21.4%. However, recent regulatory changes, such as the Late Night Code of Practice, may reduce risky drinking in coming years.

The source of these data is from 2015 Health Omnibus Survey.

* publications/attachments/ds10-alcohol.pdf

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SA Health

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