A strong, sustainable economy that builds on our strengths.

Over recent decades we have worked hard to vary our industries to make our economy more resilient. In 1991, 1 in 6 jobs was in the manufacturing sector, today that figure is 1 in 10. We must continue to diversify our traditional bases of economic strength to ensure jobs into the future.

Our economic prosperity began within our regions and today we still rely on our agricultural industries. Our wine regions are world renowned, with overseas exports totalling $1.6 billion in 2008-09. Our food exports, both to overseas and interstate, totaled over $4.1 billion during 2009-10.

As the global demand for our resources continues to increase, our economy continually evolves. We need to capture the benefits from the growth in mineral exports for all South Australian communities through increased employment, income, skills and opportunities. We must also balance our expanding industry with the rights of the original land owners, working together to determine native title and ensuring that the benefits of commercial exploration improve the wellbeing of Aboriginal people.

In addition to industries such as defence in South Australia continuing to grow over the coming years, capitalising on our technology and research capabilities in areas like renewable energy and bio-technology science is essential for sustained prosperity.

A competitive and confident South Australia provides an environment which encourages businesses to establish and grow. Our liveability, vibrant culture and location in the Asia Pacific makes our state an attractive place to invest and innovate. By identifying export opportunities and areas for international investment we will continue to stimulate growth in our local industries and businesses, creating jobs for future generations.

South Australia’s sustained AAA credit rating provides confidence to investors about the stability and strength of our economy.