Our communities are vibrant places to live, work, play and visit.

Our communities are part of our identity and character. They ground our sense of belonging. Over time, the way we define community has changed. Distance, technology, longer working hours, population changes, income and housing affordability are all factors that affect today’s communities.

Each and every one of us must work towards striking a balance between our individual needs and pursuits, while also contributing to the wellbeing of those around us. By doing so, we will protect and enjoy the fundamentals of community life; feeling safe in our homes and on our streets, being part of a vibrant and inclusive society and recognising that the opportunity to participate and grow is open to everyone.

Having well designed and safe places to ride our bikes, play sport and spend quality family time is vital to ensuring people remain connected with their community. We need to plan these open, integrated and people friendly spaces into growing towns and cities throughout the state.

Our pristine and unique landscape, not only makes the places we live beautiful, it also plays a crucial role in the prosperity of our communities. Tourists from across the country and the world come to South Australia to enjoy our food, wine, arts and friendliness.

South Australia is renowned for embracing multiculturalism, while celebrating diversity and creativity. Our identity is connected to our history, including our first peoples and those who have settled in our state. Our festivals and cultural events rival the best in the world, offering a wealth of new experiences, from cabaret to film to cycling.