South Australia plans and delivers the right infrastructure.

To ensure the success of our state well into the future, we need to plan infrastructure that is economically and socially efficient. This will provide maximum return on investment and the best value and benefit for our communities.

This requires careful consideration of existing infrastructure and how to accommodate population changes in our cities and towns. Access to important services like hospitals, GPs, schools, child care and transport in all of our communities will ensure that they are thriving places, which meet our needs and contribute to long term prosperity.

Record levels of infrastructure investment is occuring to rebuild and expand South Australia’s strategic economic and social infrastructure. The State Government is investing in projects such as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Children’s Cancer Centre, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Modbury Hospital redevelopments, the Adelaide Desalination Plant, the electrification of the Gawler rail line, the Seaford rail upgrade, the creation of the South Road Superway, the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, the Riverbank Precinct redevelopment and the new Sustainable Industries Education Centre at Tonsley.

The State Government is also investing in our ICT infrastructure by prioritising broadband rollout and eliminating broadband black spots within the Adelaide metropolitan area. We recognise the far reaching benefits of communication technology, particularly in remote communities, for learning and teaching and for ready access to healthcare information. Broadband allows us to stay in touch with friends and family and feel connected with what is happening in our community and across the world. We want to improve our digital literacy so that everyone has the skills to share its benefits and opportunities.

South Australian businesses need to compete with companies and products from across the world. To do this we need to increase our online presence to service both local and worldwide customers.