South Australians are creative; we innovate to overcome environmental, economic, and social challenges.

We are a state that recognises the power of good ideas. We are a thinking state and have a reputation for leadership in social reform.

We are pioneers, Nobel Prize winners, astronauts and sporting legends. We are iconic business entrepreneurs, film makers, inventors, world renowned artists and poets. Our ideas and leadership have shaped our state while inspiring others around the world.

We are proud of our reputation as a bold state that encourages creative and innovative thinking. We share a desire to expand our credentials through investment in cutting edge research and development and creative ventures.

We have to be innovative when it comes to building vibrancy and attracting opportunities to celebrate and develop all forms of creative expression. Our new Film and Screen Centre will bring local and overseas artists to build our screen industry and grow our share of film production.

Our size and scale make South Australia the ideal test bed for social and business innovations and new enterprises. Many leading international software and ICT companies have a presence in South Australia. Leading firms rely on our competitive and low cost economic environment for continued success. Investors are attracted to South Australia not only because of our economic credentials but also the liveability of our city, towns and communities and the way in which they work together to overcome challenges and excel.

Capitalising on the economic benefits that flow from investment in new design and technology will contribute to our prosperity.