South Australians are the best teachers and learners.

In a globalised world we must equip more young people with skills that ensure they can confidently pursue their goals. Education is critical to success in life and in work. In 2009, 67% of 19 year olds had completed year 12 or equivalent and we are committed to increasing this number.

South Australians need to keep pace with the transformation of industry by attracting and retaining skilled workers. We strive for all South Australians to be well educated and highly skilled. We must keep improving literacy and numeracy levels and encourage more students to study maths and sciences, so our home grown talent can lead our emerging high technology industries, unlocking long term economic benefits.

We want everyone in the community to have access to the labour market to ensure the long term growth and productivity of our state. By breaking down barriers to individuals who want to access education or training, we can support people entering or returning to work. Opportunities for training should be available to all South Australians so they acquire essential job skills to increase their employment options.

South Australia’s liveability and vibrancy will continue to draw overseas students to our world class education programs and teaching institutions. We are recognised throughout the world as a leading cultural, intellectual and thinking state. Our international student enrolments have more than doubled over the 2002 to 2008 period; that’s the largest proportional increase of any state or territory. Growing our base of technical expertise, including in our defence and mining sectors, and welcoming new ideas and bold and inventive thinking is essential for our continued success.