South Australians think globally, act locally and are international leaders in addressing climate change.

South Australia is well positioned to take positive action to ensure environmental sustainability. South Australia was one of the first places to enact legislation to reduce carbon emissions. In 2011 South Australia has over half of Australia’s wind-generation capacity, providing 20% of the state’s electricity production. We have banned single use plastic bags, introduced container deposit legislation, created the Million Trees Program to green the Adelaide Metropolitan Area and we’re home to Australia’s first solar feed in scheme.

Planning ahead to adapt to a changing climate is important for the future wellbeing of our communities. We are releasing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere; South Australians contribute about 20 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year for every person in the state. While we are lower than the national average of 28 tonnes per person, this figure is still four times the world average.

We can all live more sustainably and actively contribute to preserving our environment for future generations. This means changing our current patterns of consumption. We could grow and eat our own healthy produce, take the train instead of the car, install solar panels or a rain water tank, recycle more waste or simply turn lights off when we don’t need them. Just by setting the temperature on our heaters one degree lower we can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse pollution.

We also need to be more efficient in using precious natural resources by choosing alternative energy sources and supporting innovation in green technology. Individual, business and community actions together can make a big difference. We will work to improve the health of our planet by developing shared solutions to climate change and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.