Strong families help build communities.

Families are one of the strongest building blocks of communities. Families are built on relationships and connections with people we care about. Connections across our community strengthen our families and enrich our lives. For many, family relationships are not limited to households, but also include extended families and close friends.

Having time to spend with family, friends and extended networks is central to wellbeing. Family and those close to us provide a source of strength that helps us face daily challenges. Getting the right balance between work and family time builds unity and closer connections within communities.
It is well recognised that good early childhood experiences are essential to each child’s future learning and ensuring young people realise their full potential. Learning begins in the home, long before children start school. Early supportive relationships, both within the family and community, help our kids develop well.
Our communities are stronger when everyone has the opportunity to reach their potential. We can achieve so much more by actively addressing disadvantage. Social inclusion is about increasing opportunities for everyone, especially those most disadvantaged, to engage in all aspects of community life.
South Australia is a national leader in this area having established the Social Inclusion Initiative which addresses disadvantage arising from economic circumstance, disability, homelessness and mental illness.
We want all South Australians to contribute to, and share the benefits of, South Australia’s prosperity.