We are connected to our communities and give everyone a fair go.

Our culture is built on respect, tolerance and inclusiveness. Our communities do not exclude people for being different.

We want to live in places where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and live well in supportive communities. History shows that South Australians are good at building supportive communities with over 71% of us already volunteering in some way. But there is always room for improvement.

When supported, we can be our best as individuals, families and groups. Our kids can have fun, playing outside together, knowing that their community is looking out for them. Getting involved in community activities also helps to strengthen links and nurture a sense of belonging.

South Australia has a proud history of active democratic participation and advancing democratic rights. In 1894 we were the first Australian state where all women could vote, and the first place in the world to grant women the right to be elected to parliament. We know that by being active participants and by standing up for what we believe in we can make positive changes.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. We all have a role to play in giving everyone a fair go to create communities that thrive. The State Government’s role in assisting this goal lies in providing services on the basis of need and allowing people greater control to manage the funding that supports them if they so choose.